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Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering — Advising and Planning

  • A student intending to pursue a Ph.D. must arrange, in writing, a relationship with a faculty member as Major Advisor for the students research project. The arrangement shall be approved by the Departmental Chairman and Director for Graduate Studies. The Major Advisor shall counsel the student for the remainder of their study program and supervise their dissertation. Being without a Major Advisor after the first semester will subject the student to transfer to the non-degree objective (NDO) program. By agreement of all concerned, the initial relationship may be dissolved and a new one established, but the student must have a Major Advisor at all times.
  • Prior to completion of the first semester, the student and the Major Advisor shall recommend to the Director of Graduate Studies the student's preliminary degree plan. This plan will list the specific courses that must be completed to obtain the Ph.D. degree. Changes in the degree plan, if required, shall be recommended in writing by the Major Advisor to the Director of Graduate Studies. Only those studies undertaken in accordance with this approved degree plan shall count towards the degree.
  • Prior to the beginning of the last semester, the student and the Major Advisor must submit the final degree plan to the Director of Graduate Studies to be certified for graduation. This plan must show the dates the comprehensive and candidacy exams were passed and the expected date of dissertation defense and completion. The student must also contact the department's Graduate Analyst or the Engineering Dean's Office for graduation information.
  • The student must register in any semester in which they intend to use University facilities and/or seek the advice of the advisor. Registration in dissertation must be continuous after the first registration in dissertation courses (8399, 8699 or 8999). Full-time students must register for 9 hours or more per semester and 6 hours per summer session.
  • The doctoral student who fails to complete their dissertation within 5 years after completion of the comprehensive examination may then be required to retake the examination.