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Cost of Study

Graduate student's costs include cost of living and the cost of their education. The cost of education includes both tuition and fees. Tuition and fees are charged for each credit hour of registration. Currently students enroll for the following credit hour requirements set by the Dean of Engineering.

Category of Student Spring Summer Fall
Supported (RA/GA/Scholar)
  M/MS 12 3 12
  Ph.D. 12 3 12
Supported (TA)
  M/MS 12 3 12
  Ph.D. 12 3 12
Unsupported (F-1, J-1)
  M/MS 9 0-3 9
  Ph.D. 9 0-3 9

The cost associated with credit hour registrations are designated by the University of Houston and the State of Texas. More information about these costs for any specific semester can be found on the Student Financial Services Web Site.

Financial assistance for full time graduate students is available to students on a competitive basis. Assistantship stipends are competitive with most top rank graduate programs in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Students supported as TA's or RA's are eligible for a tuition scholarship in the two long semesters, which is equal to 9 hours of tuition.

The cost of living in Houston continues to be one of the lowest in North America. More information about living accommodations at UH can be found from Residential Life and Housing.